BALMUDA The Speaker launch q-digital October 19, 2022

BALMUDA The Speaker launch

BALMUDA The Speaker ($399) is a completely new take on home audio experience. BALMUDA’s CEO and Founder Gen Terao drew inspiration from his previous days performing in a rock band – his goal was to design a new type of speaker that could recreate the sensation of live music. The speaker features 360 degree sound projection from a 77mm driver unit to seamlessly produce crisp, contoured music. Its unique technical capabilities realistically reproduce the detailed nuances of live vocals.

To complete the experience, BALMUDA The Speaker is visually engaging and reproduces the energy of a live concert through specifically placed LED light units perfectly synchronized at a speed of 0.004 seconds. There are three distinct light settings that synchronize with the sound in different ways.

BALMUDA The Speaker is also rechargeable, portable, and compatible with both AUX input and Bluetooth — making it perfect for every occasion.

BALMUDA The Speaker will be available on October 20th on our online US store and amazon.