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BALMUDA The Toaster

  • Toast mode: Toast mode is specially designed for toasting sliced breads, bagels and English muffins. The optimum temperature is set in correspondence to the baking time. You can adjust the baking time to the toast the bread to your favorite toast shade.
  • Cheese Toast Mode: This mode is suitable for Cheese Toast and other type of bread with toppings. The heater tube on the upper side is stronger so when BALMUDA The Toaster adjusts the heating process in the upper and lower heater tubes, the toppings can be heated thoroughly but at the same time it will not overbake the bottom. The temperature control can avoid burnt bread even in longer baking time.
  • Baguette Mode: This mode is suitable for heating bread with hard crusts like a baguette or overall soft bread such as bread rolls and spindle bread. It uses steam to recreate freshly baked texture and taste.
  • Croissant Mode: This mode is suitable for heating bread that has a lot of butter and sugar such as croissants and scones. It will heat the surface without burning it while restoring its lovely crispy texture outside.
  • Classic mode: (170/200/250 C degrees): This mode is suitable to bake various types of food items like cookies, rice cakes, cream gratin and even vegetables and salmon by heating at a constant temperature without the using the steam option.

For more information please contact BALMUDA Malaysia or our website:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877

For more information please contact BALMUDA Malaysia or our website:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877

For accessory purchases, please contact BALMUDA Malaysia or our website:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877

It is normal because it is the operating sound of the “relay” that switches the heater ON / OFF. The sound should be “clicking” when the brightness of the heater changes (when it gets brighter or darker).
BALMUDA The Toaster may be easier to switch to because it adjusts the degree of burning more often than other similar toasters.
When exemplifying the sound of a relay in other products, it is the clicking sound of the turn signal of the car.
The color is closer to soft white, not pure white.
To find the serial number, please use one of the following options: On you BALMUDA The Toaster, you can find the serial number on the back of BALMUDA The Toaster.

For more information please contact BALMUDA Malaysia or our website:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877


BALMUDA The Toaster

Please check the following if bread is lightly browned, toasting is uneven, or the inside of the bread is cool.

・Choose the best mode for the bread

Click here for the differences between each mode.

・Place bread in the center if only toasting a single slice of bread

When toasting a single slice of bread, place the bread in the toaster with the top at the front and as close to the center of the rack. If more than one slice, place them evenly.

・Avoid continuously toasting multiple times

This product features a precise temperature control function. Depending on the environment in which the product is used, the temperature sensor may be affected by the product itself getting too heated. If this happens, leave the door open and allow the main unit to cool for about 5 minutes before resuming use.


The temperature inside the toaster may change due to oil stains or chlorinated lime inside the toaster. Maintenance depends on the frequency of use. For daily use, wipe the crumb tray and the inside of the toaster once a week. For occasional use, clean when dirt becomes noticeable. For cleaning, please see product manual.

When installing the toasting rack, make sure the four feet of the toasting rack match the corresponding positions on the toasting rack frame. Place the small feet forward.

1. Make sure the boiler cover is attached properly.

  • Open the door and make sure that the boiler cover is in place.
  • If it is out of place, place it on the boiler tray with “Front ▽” facing the front.
  • Place the boiler cover between the guides at both ends.

※ Please be careful not to hit or drop the boiler cover as it is easily deformed.
If you continue using deformed boiler cover, it may come into contact with the toasting rack and cause fire or malfunction.

2. Attach the toasting rack.

Open the door and place the toasting rack on the toasting rack frame inside the appliance. When attaching the rack, make sure the four “feet” match the corresponding locations on the frame.

The first 8 digits of the serial number must be chosen from the drop down box and the last 5 digits of the serial number must be typed into the box next to the drop down.

If the issue still persists or does not find your 8 digits, please fell free to contact us at:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877


Please feel free to contact BALMUDA Malaysia or visit our website:

BALMUDA Malaysia:
Tel: +603-77105877


Do not place any objects including the 5 cc cup on top of, underneath, next to, inside, or in gaps around the appliance.

· Do not install the appliance in a location which may be affected by heat.
· Place the appliance on a flat, stable surface.
· Install the appliance with clearances to the top, left, right, and rear as illustrated above. If the wall is made of heat-sensitive material such as plastic, leave more space around the appliance.
· Do not place the appliance on top of other equipment such as a microwave oven, or place other equipment on top of the appliance.

When cooking in Classic Mode (170/200/250 C degrees), do not add water as the boiler does not operate. If you accidentally add water, let the main unit cool before removing the toasting rack and boiler cover and wiping with a dry cloth.

Yes. You can cook frozen bread with extra 1-2 minutes to recipe in guide book or on top of the toaster.

To avoid excessive heating on the top, do not insert food that exceeds 5.5cm in height.
Frozen bread takes longer to toast. Monitor the bread and adjust cooking time as necessary.

Due to the structure of the heater tube, the center remains dark. This is not a malfunction.

How to Clean BALMUDA The Toaster Video

Not Dishwasher Safe
Before cleaning, be sure to remove the power plug from the outlet and allow the main unit to cool sufficiently.

When cleaning the interior of the unit, wear thick gloves and be careful not to injure your hands or fingers. The heater tube is made of glass. Please handle it with care.

Frequent Maintenance:

Clean the bread crumbs and the bread crumb tray after each use. If the interior is dirty, it may cause uneven baking. If bread crumbs accumulate, they may carbonize and ignite.

Clean the other parts if they become contaminated.

Cleaning the toasting rack

Cleaning the boiler parts

Cleaning the crumb catcher

Clean exterior of unit: soak a soft cloth in diluted dish detergent (neutral), squeeze it firmly, and then wipe gently. Then wipe it off with water and dry it well.

For safety when cleaning interior: wear thick gloves, soak a soft cloth in diluted dish detergent (neutral), and squeeze it firmly before wiping. Then wipe it off with water and dry it well.

Heater Tube: Do not clean the heater tube. Due to the material of the tube it can not be cleaned but the stains will become less visible with further use.

Baking Tray: Wash with diluted mild dish soap and dry thoroughly. Do not use metal or coarse sponge.

Boiler Tray: Wipe clean with a soft cloth. If you are concerned about dirt, you can also wash with citric acid.

5 cc cup: Wash with diluted dish detergent (neutral) and dry well.

Cleaning the inside and outside of the appliance